In my day to day life I am a GP working in Southampton. Painting was a dream that I had for many years and which I finally dared exploring a few years ago.  I fell in love with colour from my first lesson and never stopped loving it since. And as my passion grew, so did the space and the time I dedicated it.  Initially I made myself a corner in the house where I could install a small easel and have my colours and brushes handy and started spending there every free moment that I had. Now I have a dedicated painting room, a proper painting easel and an art school. I don’t think life can go much better than this!

I met Chris through one of his painting courses for beginners which I attended for one year. I loved every one of his lessons – he encouraged me to discover new media, to become more experimental and broaden my expression through exploring textures and combination of media. I am now painting mainly in oils but I still love the immediacy and the explosive swoosh of watercolour, the playfulness of soft pastels and the organic marks of charcoal. I also discovered that Chris and I share a passion for the history of art.  We are both addicted to art books (there’s hardly a week when one of us doesn’t get a new one) and we can spend endless hours engrossed in them, marvelling at the artistry of old masters and modern painters. And to make everything even better, from time to time, he also shares with me Marwood, his cute little heart thief dog! So even more, I don’t think that life can go better than this.

Our idea of Art Square Plus came about, one November evening at the end of good meal (art and food have always paired well in history and this is another living proof). It took some time to shape the concept of it (even more to find a suitable name) but I think we finally got there: a place where people like me, beginners with little artistic knowledge and experience, will feel encouraged and inspired to dip a brush in paint and discover the sense of freedom, exhilaration and self-exploration attached to layering colour on paper.