I have had so many compliments on my painting!! I really really enjoyed the evening. I am truly someone who says ‘I can’t paint’ and that is usually backed up by all my nearest and dearest including my children . I was scared because I thought the class on Tuesday might be full of people who could paint and I would feel like an idiot. Actually even I could do it!!! All people were excellent! Both teachers were so relaxed and made it really fun and dare I say it – easy – to produce something I was really proud of… I did not think I was ever going to say that!!! To anyone thinking about then I would say give it a go!! You won’t regret it!!


Laura, student

Thank you for the step by step teaching on how to paint. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was fun, exciting and rewarding. I know my painting is not perfectly like Monet but i love my first attempt.

Victoria, student

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Christopher and Diana are great teachers who create a welcoming and positive space. My Paint a Monet afternoon was relaxing, creative and sociable and through their skill -sharing I came home with an impression of a Monet to proud of. That’s quite something as I haven’t painted since school! Highly recommended!

Trudy, student

I never thought I could ever paint anything looking decent!! Yesterday’s session was super enjoyable, relaxing and recharging at the same time! I would surely recommend it for everyone!!


Pooja, student

I keep looking at my painting and still can’t quite believe I’ve done it! I’m definitely framing it.

Ramona, student

Really enjoyed the Art Class. I haven’t painted anything ever, and was delighted with my Monet Waterlilies , almost as good as the original! Diana and Christopher really did make ‘ Art simple and fun’.


Sally, student